By the fruits we know the tree.
— Søren Aabye Kierkegaard

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"Aliensauce is a loving exchange between me & the world by way of providing earth-derived, integrative skin/body care products & information. Our handmade wellness cosmetics/practical products are all mostly composed of plant/earth-derived material & are centered around herbal sciences & narrative medicine. An ode to self-care & the transformative beauty of ritual. Made with Love, Light & Efficacy."

~ Sasha Anniyah, Holistic Nutrition Consultant - Specializing in Herbalism & Narrative/Integrative Medicine 

Sasha is currently earning specialist certifications in Nutrition & Wellness(2017), Holistic Nutrition(2017), Sports Nutrition(2018), Weight Management(2018) & Youth Nutrition(2018). 

x @nicolespinelli

A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers.
— Chinese Proverb

        For years, I've used all of the herbal knowledge I've gained from my family & extensive research in hundreds of texts and books regarding herbalism & botanicals. Sometimes by the book, sometimes intuitively. My mother is a nurse, my grandfather a dental practitioner. & both have passed down & imparted to me knowledge about medicinal herbs/pharmacognosy rooted in traditional Chinese & Caribbean cultures. I've taken these teachings along with me on this journey, stepping heavily onto the path of Narrative Medicine & Holistic Nutrition. Health is something I've been taught to be the "whole" thing. Whole, yet full of individual stories. Every part contains the whole. Body, mind & spirit... and it all begins with the root. Funny enough most roots, if not poisonous, are the cure (or bear the cure) to most our ailments. That's why I nurture herbs the way I do & allow them to shine in everyday products we know & would hate to be without.

Deodorant, toothpaste, facial toners, teas, etc. The products we buy for use on our skin & in our bodies shouldn't contain harsh alcohols & unsafe metals that disrupt our body's natural/healthy processes. I find that as we advance technologically with time, we still manage to overlook very obvious hazards... encourage them, even. Aliensauce is about an honest attempt to use 100% earth/botanical ingredients, with the exception of a broad spectrum paraben-free preservative when water is present. On this journey, I'm becoming more aware of what works & what simply does not work, given the setting. I believe in making products that are effective & small-batching so they last with as little need for commercial preservative. But it IS important to learn the difference between anti-oxidants, preservatives & parabens--- before we make assumptions about each of them. As we wouldn't want to forsake something that's helpful just because we know nothing about it. As an avid researcher/student/practitioner of holistic living, I am always on the cutting edge of what ingredients are safe, effective & sustainable - respective to the nature in which it is being used. As I come across more ingredients & rituals that are highly useful and maintain resource integrity & sustainability, I will make it my mission to share it with the world.  

Every ingredient used in Aliensauce products are with purpose, no inactive ingredients over here. All hydrosols & essential oils are a by-product of steam distillation or the supercritical CO2 extraction method in some cases where the plant material requires a natural solvent versus heat to release the best constituents most effectively. All of Aliensauce's ingredients are sustainably & reliably sourced. & all products are hand-crafted & delivered in hand-stamped burlap or muslin bags. :)

Again, Aliensauce operates through Love, Light & Efficacy. <3