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A weed is a plant whose virtue is not yet known.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

hello, Spring. 

Spring Featured Product:

Alien Balm : Chapstick 


Alien Balm in bamboo.

This beautiful balm provides a clear finish, buildable sheen, natural SPF protection & vitamin-rich formula nourishing your lips. Avocado & castor oils naturally dyed using alkanet root along with hibiscus-infused aloe, Alien Balm is rich in moisture, antioxidants and perfect for use all year round. 


Looking Through the Window

Creator/Owner : Sasha Anniyah

Brand/Production Manager, Print : Shantel Grant

As above, so below. Every part contains the whole.
— sasha anniyah

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aliensauce [n]: Our handmade herbal cosmetics/practical products; all mostly composed of plant/earth-derived material.  Made with Love, Light & Efficacy.

Herbal products - Deodorants - Oils - Toners - Serums - Moisturizers - Salves - Poultices - Tinctures - Tea Blends - Cleansers - Masks - Natural AHAs - Complete Skincare


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