By the fruits we know the tree.
— Søren Aabye Kierkegaard

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"Aliensauce is a loving exchange between me & the world by way of providing earth-derived, integrative skin/body care products & information. Our handmade wellness cosmetics/practical products are all mostly composed of plant/earth-derived material & are centered around herbal sciences & narrative medicine. An ode to self-care & the transformative beauty of ritual. Made with Love, Light & Efficacy."

~ Sasha Anniyah, Holistic Nutrition Consultant - Specializing in Herbalism & Narrative/Integrative Medicine 

Sasha is currently earning specialist certifications in Nutrition & Wellness(2017), Holistic Nutrition(2017), Sports Nutrition(2018), Weight Management(2018) & Youth Nutrition(2018).

x @nicolespinelli

A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers.
— Chinese Proverb

        For years, I've used all of the herbal knowledge I've gained from my family & extensive research in hundreds of texts and books regarding herbalism & botanicals. Sometimes by the book, sometimes intuitively. My mother is a nurse, grandmother is a descendant of Maroon herbalists & grandfather a dental practitioner. Each of them have passed down & imparted to me knowledge about medicinal herbs/pharmacognosy rooted in traditional Chinese & Caribbean cultures, with or without realizing. I've taken these teachings along with me on this journey, stepping heavily onto the path of Narrative Medicine, Herbalism & Holistic Nutrition. As a life-long student, health is something I've been taught to be the "whole" thing. Whole, yet full of individual stories. Every part contains the whole. Body, mind & spirit... and it all begins with the seed & root of plants. “By the fruits we know the tree,” and there is no truer statement when regarding plant taxonomy, cultivation, parts & usages. The earth, untainted by human colonization & destruction, provides us with everything we need. That's why I nurture herbs the way I do & allow them to shine in everyday products we know & would hate to be without.

Deodorant, toothpaste, facial toners, teas, etc. The products we buy for use on our skin & in our bodies shouldn't contain harsh alcohols & unsafe metals that disrupt our body's natural/healthy processes. I find that as we advance technologically with time or look to the world of capitalism for our herbal understanding(Western), we still manage to overlook very obvious hazards... encourage them, even. Aliensauce is about an honest attempt to use 100% earth/botanical ingredients, with the exception of a broad spectrum paraben-free preservative when water is present, & to operate through spiritual & scientific integrity always. On this journey, I'm becoming more aware of what works & what simply does not work, given the setting. I believe in making products that are effective & small-batching so they last with as little need for commercial preservative. But it IS important to learn the difference between anti-oxidants, preservatives & parabens--- before we make assumptions about each of them. As we wouldn't want to forsake something that's helpful just because we know nothing about it. Education is key. Education from the right SOURCE, is key. As an avid researcher/student/practitioner of holistic living, I am always on the cutting edge of what ingredients are safe, effective & sustainable - respective to the nature, history & context in which it is being used. As I continue to further my education in herbalism & come across more ingredients/rituals that are highly useful and maintain resource integrity & sustainability, I will make it my mission to share it with the world.  

Every ingredient used in Aliensauce products are with purpose, no inactive ingredients over here. All hydrosols & essential oils are a by-product of steam distillation or the supercritical CO2 extraction method in some cases where the plant material requires a natural solvent versus heat to release the best constituents most effectively. All of Aliensauce's ingredients are sustainably & reliably sourced. & all products are hand-crafted & delivered in hand-stamped burlap or muslin bags. :)

Again, Aliensauce operates through Love, Light & Efficacy. <3