Four (4) : TIAMAT Dead Sea Ritual Mud Mask

Four (4) : TIAMAT Dead Sea Ritual Mud Mask


Four (4) : The fourth in a sequential line of Aliensauce's constant progression and highest intention skincare products, specially formulated with mineral-rich Dead Sea Clay + Sea Kelp + Activated Charcoal + Sulphur + Black Walnut Hull; for acne-prone/oily skin, maintaining flawless, pimple-free skin even during those pesky hormonal breakouts. Especially useful for spot treatments.

  • SMELLS LIKE: Not that great, lol. Sulphur has a natural "egg/stink bomb" scent that most companies try to mask with alcohol-based fragrances. Not Aliensauce. All that stinky goodness is awesome for your skin & it's a formula you rinse off anyhow, so take it !
  • FEELS LIKE: Once made into a paste, it's like mud that dries to a light & tight clay mask.

All-natural deep cleansing & exfoliating facial mask. Jam-packed powerhouse of herbs and minerals in terms of cleansing & hydrating masks. Every ingredient in this mask has complimentary & synergistic properties among one another. An oil-absorbing, purifying & pore-refining treatment specially formulated to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify, leaving the most sensitive and delicate skin feeling supple, enriched and refreshed.  - Comes with a small cosmetic scoop.

* Directions for best results -  1:1 ratio with any liquid medium to form a paste (keep in mind that you'll need a bit of water to activate the clay's magic ;) . Combine 1 teaspoon of Tiamat Mask to 1 teaspoon of water (or alternative). Using the cosmetic spoon provided (metal spoons are a no-no when bentonite clay is involved), mix well until it’s an evenly distributed paste. Then smooth paste evenly onto cleansed skin. Leave on for 20-25 min. Rinse thoroughly with a moisturizing cleanser (oil or cream-based) & warm water, then rinse face with cool (cold) water to increase skin’s elasticity.

  • Dry/Damaged skin: Use 1x/week
  • Normal skin: Use 1-2x/week
  • Acne Prone/Oily skin: Use 2-3x/week.

- Considering the usage stated above, this 3.4 oz jar provides at least 2 ½ to 5 months’ worth of hydrating masks. Yields 20 masks.

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  • Ingredients: Dead Sea Clay, Sea Kelp(Laminariales), Activated Charcoal, Sulphur, Red Sandalwood(Pterocarpus santalinus), French Green /Rhassoul & Bentonite Clays, Oat/Honey/Orange Peel/Neem Seed(Azadirachta indica)/Black Walnut Hull(Juglans nigra)/Coconut Milk(Cocos nucifera)/Rosehip(Rosa Canina) powders and a blend of freshly distilled essential oils/absolutes & herbs [Manuka(Leptospermum scoparium), White Willow Bark(Salix alba), Lavender(Lavandula), Elderflower(Sambucus nigra), German Chamomile(Matricaria chamomilla), Bulgarian Rose(Rosa × damascena), Rosemary(Rosmarinus officinalis), Turmeric(Curcuma longa), Nutmeg(Myristica fragrans), Cinnamon(Cinnamomum verum),  Cardamom(Elettaria cardamomum) & Green tea leaves - Matcha(Camellia sinensis)]

"TIAMAT -- In Mesopotamian mythology (Sumerian, Assyrian, Akkadian and Babylonian), Tiamat is a primordial goddess of the ocean, also known as Goddess of Creation. She is the personification of the primordial sea from which the gods were first created."  -

  • Dead Sea Clay

The Dead Sea, at 1,300 feet below sea level, is known as the lowest surface on the planet, and is located in Israel and Jordan, about 15 miles east of Jerusalem. No life survives in the water except bacteria, as it has a salt concentration seven times that of the ocean. The Dead Sea has long been known as a place of healing, with ancient populations using it to soothe a variety of illnesses and injuries. Even today thousands of visitors go to the Dead Sea seeking spa treatments and therapies. What makes Dead Sea clay so beneficial is the high concentration of minerals that are easily absorbed by the skin. These include calcium, magnesium, bromide, potassium, and sulfate. Over thousands of years, layer upon layer of sedimentary clay has formed as the bottom of the sea, trapping a high concentration of minerals proven to be helpful in maintaining healthy, young-looking skin. Calcium refreshes skin, while maintaining a strong barrier to hold onto moisture. Sodium helps rejuvenate the look of youthful, healthy skin. Magnesium protects. Sulfur helps to detoxify skin of impurities. Potassium helps to balance. Bromide restores a vital look to the complexion. Absorbs excess oils, dirt, and impurities from the skin, purifying and cleansing. Gently exfoliates. Soothes. Tightens and tones skin, reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Reduces the occurrence oily skin and clogged pores, deeply cleansing skin. Hydrates and moisturizes skin, helping dry skin. Calms skin. Incorporating dead sea treatments into your regular skin care regimen can really help you to get that healthy, vibrant glow we all want, especially after a long, dry winter!

  • Sea Kelp

Sea Kelp is the largest and most nutrient rich of all seaweed species. Skin care benefits are superior hydration, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. Rich in vitamins and trace minerals, serves as a firming, healing, exfoliating & strengthening agents. Sea Kelp contains essential fatty acids that don’t just suffuse your skin with moisture, but also prevents your skin from losing that moisture with continued use. Draws out any excess fluid, dead cells, and toxins - making your skin smoother.

  • Activated Charcoal

Carbon that's been treated to increase its absorbency. Throughout the day, toxins from the world around us clog our pores. When your pores aren't clear, neither is your complexion. Activated charcoal when used in a face mask binds to and helps pull the dirt out of your pores, making them less visible (it's the oil and dirt that makes them appear bigger). 

  • Sulphur

Fights Acne - One of the main skin benefits of sulphur is that it fights acne. Acne is something we all suffer from time to time. And naturally occurring sulphur is one of the best ways to heal acne. Sulphur has healing anti-bacterial properties that helps cure acne from the very core. Eczema Severe skin problems and infections can also be healed with sulphur. Lesions, itchy skin and chronic skin problems like eczema can all be healed by the medicinal properties of sulphur. Anti-Aging - Sulphur is a skin mineral that helps you looking young well past your years. Sulphur is present in all your skin cells. The depletion of sulphur with age causes wrinkles and age spots, So if you want to defy age with flawless skin, you need to replenish the sulphur for your skin cells externally. You can get sulphur naturally from hot springs, onions & eggs (which explains the smell).

  • White Willow Bark

Willow Bark Extract contains salicylic acid, a BHA that is a natural exfoliant and is used in many acne treatments because of its ability to help skin shed dead cells and clear pores; it can also stimulate new cell formation.

  • Red Sandalwood

A powerful natural exfoliant, aids in sloughing off the upper dead skin layer and revealing a fresh, supple layer underneath – evening skin tone, fading hyperpigmentation/acne scars & combatting premature aging.

  • Bentonite, Rhassoul & French Green Clays

Made from supercharged and decomposed plant minerals from volcanic activity. Water activates the clay, providing an extremely cleansing and detoxifying quality. The clays then begin to naturally draw out toxins, dirt and any remaining oil build-up— all the while acting also as an exfoliant, due to it’s gentle polishing texture.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

A powder made from fossilized phytoplankton. Because it is made up of tiny, sharp, very hard phytoplankton, DE works well as an abrasive. Balanced amounts of this earth plus the clays create a beautiful combination exfoliant while having incredible detoxifyng qualities. 

  • Black Walnut Hull

Black walnut is known as an effective anti-viral and is used to fix warts, which are caused by viruses. Black walnut is an anti-fungus and has been used to fight herpes, cold sores, athlete’s foot, and Candida. It has been used as an antiseptic to combat illness like sexually transmitted infections and malaria and can be used to treat acne.


  • Honey & Oat Powders

Both humectants - have moisturizing, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. They soften and smooth skin, as well as provide extra protection for acne prone, combination and sensitive skin. 

  • Coconut Milk 

Shares similar properties to that of Oat & Honey powders, but is also rich in vitamins A & C, calcium, iron and natural proteins, resulting in smooth and radiant skin.

  • Neem Seed

Has anti-aging properties, like coconut milk, and with properties consisting of: anti-viral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial-- this Ayurvedic herb imparts soothing & cleansing benefits to skin, improving acne-prone skin.

  • Rosehip Seed

Very high in essential fatty acids and does restorative wonders on weathered and dehydrated skin, healing scars and treating premature aging with wrinkle-reduction. Rosehip seed helps restore normal desquamation (from the latin word "desquamare" meaning "to scrape the scales off a fish") - also called skin peeling, shedding the outermost membrane or layer of tissue, & imparting purifying effects by removing fatty impurities accumulated on the skin. Rosehip cleans the skin leaving it better oxygenated and purified.

  • Green Tea

Has soothing properties & consists of a myriad of catechins (anti-oxidants), which help against damage caused by free radicals. Green tea also has anti-inflammatory benefits and has been show to neutralize damage caused by exposure to UV rays.

  • Turmeric & Cardamom

Also natural exfoliants, both defeat signs of aging, smooth wrinkles & eliminate acne.. while Orange Peel Powder curbs any excess oiliness for those with oily/combination skin.  This combination of earth - along with a special blend of healing essential oils - evens skin tone, improves elasticity, immediately diminishes pores, visibly tightens skin, soothes & alleviates dryness while imparting intense hydration - all helping to restore that youthful glow and soft, supple skin you’re meant to have. (*Cardamom in photo.)


*Suggested liquid mediums for the following desired results:

  •  For Brightening effects: Use with Kefir Milk
  • For Moisture & Glow effects: Use with raw honey & egg yolk
  • For Spot Treatments: Use raw honey & cinnamon
  • To heal dry & irritated skin (eczema, dermatitis, etc): Use with Aloe Vera Gel/Juice
  • To even out skin pigmentation by increasing dermal exfoliation: Use with coconut milk and/or kefir milk and/or yogurt & almond oil
  • To draw out impurities for acne prone skin: Use with Neem seed oil.
  • Controls oiliness even further: Use with lemon juice




  3.4 oz  -  Love + Light + Efficacy <3